Our Bali women’s wellness retreat is a wonderfully rewarding experience.  Set in a beautiful space created just for you, for some well needed ‘me’ time, to enable you to reset and connect with your mind, body and soul.


Taking time out of your life to invest in you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.


Ocean Soul Retreat focuses on an integrated approach to health and wellness. Our luxury wellness retreat combines our philosophies which focus on strengthening the physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual elements.

We offer four different programs:


Yoga & pilates

Yoga & surfing

Yoga & holistic healing


Our wellness retreat is designed to provide an experience that resets your system, creating healthier habits to inspire you to live a balanced lifestyle.  

Providing every element you need to reset and reconnect, to nourish and indulge, inside and out.

Centre yourself with personalized yoga and meditation sessions while deeply replenishing your body with luscious wholefoods.  

Learn new skills, reset your system and build a lasting connection with yourself—all while breathing deeply and laughing loudly.

When you return home, take these exhilarating experiences and start fresh by bringing healthy new practices into your life.



Ocean Soul Retreat provides a positive environment where woman can explore the world, learn new skills, find inner balance, relax and have fun! We seek to create a nurturing space that allows you to refresh your mind, energize your body, and reconnect with your soul…



Wholefoods = beautiful skin. By flooding your body with water, nutrients, good fats, and antioxidants through your health retreat, you cleanse and renew your system. This allows your skin to more effectively clear toxins and repair damage for a healthy, bright complexion…

wellness retreat


At Ocean Soul Retreat, we want you to feel indulged and pampered on a whole new level. The holistic treatments we offer at our wellness retreat not only coax you into deep relaxation, they help connect and realign your mind, body, and soul. We work with only the best practitioners in Bali…


We believe in the power of the mind, body & soul connection.

We believe that food is the best medicine.  

We believe in the benefit of body movement.

We believe in the importance of listening to your body.



“A Week of Wellness”

My week at Ocean Soul Retreat was nothing short of amazing. Burnt out and on the verge of adrenal fatigue I was looking for somewhere that offered the perfect spot to unwind, re-group and nourish my body with much needed TLC. OSR not only went above and beyond my expectations I walked away feeling extremely content, grounded and ready to tackle the real world again with a fresh mind, positive attitude and beautiful new friendships…



Like what you see? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to attend our women’s health, wellness, surf and yoga retreat. Reservations for 2016 are filling fast!

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